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4 "Internet Celebrities" Landscape Bridges in Shanghai Dishui Lake are Brightly Lit

Issuing time:2020-08-10 14:55

It looks like a flying swallow with its wings spread, like a lotus flower that stretches out into the lake, like a wind and rain corridor stretching out into the lake, like an active wave on the edge of the lake... The drip lake will add new landscapes! Four strangely shaped landscape bridges are located The Huangri Port, Luli Port, Lanyun Port and Zifei Port of Dishui Lake echo each other and merge with Dishui Lake.

The four landscape bridges C, D, F, and G of Dishui Lake in Lingang New Area have all been completed and successfully passed the pre-acceptance. Recently, four landscape bridges have been lit, and it is reported that the landscape bridge will be open to visitors in the future.


The Dishui Lake Surrounding Lake Landscape Belt is the core public waterfront activity space in Shanghai Lingang New Area. Among them, 7 landscape bridges (project number: Bridge A to Bridge G) are the landmark nodes of the Dishui Lake surrounding landscape belt. The design incorporates the characteristics of each area in the landscape belt, the characteristics of the surrounding buildings and the natural landscape environment Elements, and will also connect 7 rivers and form a coherent trail system (including sidewalks and bicycle lanes).

As a lakeside landscape bridge, although the main structure is steel structure, each bridge has a unique shape, and the appearance is full of fashion atmosphere, reflecting the design meaning of "red orange, yellow, green, blue and purple, sunny and sunny" . Chu Huibin, project manager of the landscape bridge project for the surrounding Dishui Lake landscape belt of Shanghai Construction Engineering Group, said: “These landscape bridges not only connect the estuary on the lakeside to form a complete landscape belt around the lake, but also give visitors a richer landscape experience. ."


 C Bridge

   is located in Huangri Port of Dishui Lake. The plane is a herringbone box-shaped spatial network structure. The two limbs of the herringbone span about 27 meters and 40 meters respectively.


   D bridge

   is located in the Green Harbor of Dishui Lake, with a small span of about 15 meters and a large span of about 30 meters.


 F Bridge

   is located in the Blue Cloud Harbor of Dishui Lake. It is a flat linear box-shaped spatial grid structure with a span of about 48 meters.


   G bridge

   is located in Zifei Port of Dishui Lake. It is a grid structure with a straight G-shaped cross section and a span of 46.5 meters.


It is reported that the four landscape bridges have not yet passed the formal acceptance, and tourists need to wait for the official opening before they can visit.

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