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The Art of Lighting, the Combination of Sound and Light

Issuing time:2020-07-28 14:54

Times have changed and the years have changed. The appearance of lighting has been given new meanings by the times. As long as creativity is incorporated, extraordinary effects can be presented. This is the unique charm of lighting art.

The lighting installations in it integrate the aesthetics of sound, light, electricity, etc., with its unique light color and intensity, showing different cultural values, and gradually becoming an indispensable embellishment in modern life.

Light art installation



On Hanukkah in Brussels, the lighting art installation Stalactite designed by designers TETRO+A and WHITEvoid immediately attracted the attention of many audiences when the curtain opened.

360 tube lights change into different colors and shapes in the rhythm of electronic music. The lighting setting presents a diamond-like line as a whole, which brings malleable technological colors visually.


The design of Stalactite, just like its name, is a stalactite, a drop of water falling from the crystal; it cooperates with music to form a dynamic aesthetic sensory experience, and it is the perfect connection between modern technology and light and shadow, presenting a time and space Futuristic sense.


When the surroundings are still dark, it discards all irrelevant elements and focuses on pure audiovisual enjoyment. What's different is that the audience, as a creative factor, constitutes a dynamic part of this work, becoming a drop of light under the brilliance, and truly integrating lighting art into life.


The complex shapes formed by the lamps of different angles become agile and imposing under the rhythmic flashing effect and light animation. This art installation presents the mystery of the distant and deep stalactite wrapped in the city at night.

Light art installation

Nyx Bar


Shanghai’s Nyx bar, located on the roof of a building in the city center, bears the name "Goddess of Night" in Greek mythology. The wrapped UV light line is designed to look like a future city, looking to the future in the modern and fashionable nightlife.

The Nyx bar is inspired by the relics of classical architecture, but it can break out of the shackles in the background of the busy highway, forming a surreal experience.


The 2100-meter-long UV light source line sets up the space frame of Nyx, combining sound, light and space structure. The dark, stable and bright blue light contrasts well with the mobile lights of the surrounding highways. It keeps quiet while moving, and expresses the understanding of futurism along with the light and the setting space.


Through the visual perception of the space created by the light, Alberto Caiola uses clear color lines to decorate the light tubes. The abstract lights are like cables in a new city, using the wonderful colors of science fiction films to draw the focus of the city boundary.


The shape of the lamp tube and the light complement each other, and the blue-purple color will periodically change to a warm red. The interior is cleverly designed with illuminated faucets to supply a variety of hand-brewed beers.

The light-feeling arches further shorten the distance between indoors and outdoors, and you are suddenly placed in another dimension of space, so that people can enjoy the wonderful stimulation of the senses.


This kind of lighting design embodies the openness in the aesthetic sense, and makes Shanghai, a city that never sleeps singing every night, warm and exciting.

Light art installation

Alley of Light

灯光艺术装置Alley of Light.jpg

At the 3rd Amsterdam Light Festival, Dutch design company Serge Schoemaker Architects & Digiluce hand-built a light cube with a height of 4 meters and a circumference of 12 meters.

The lighting device uses a total of 320 strings of light units, and each string of light units has 6 bulbs. As a result, the artwork and the audience can produce a negative chemical reaction, and people can go deep into it and experience the fascinating lighting effects.

灯光艺术装置Alley of Light2.jpg

Under the inspiration of the designer, the intensity of lighting can be constantly changed. Every single linear tube is composed of two LED light sources wrapped in acrylic tube. The light atmosphere created by nearly 2000 lights is a wonderful geometric space when viewed from any angle.

灯光艺术装置Alley of Light3.jpg

In the passage of Alley of Light, the space and sense of space constantly change with the intensity of light, and the wave motion of light produces a unique spatial experience.

When the light is bright, the city impression created becomes closed and safe. But if the lights are dim, the space becomes smooth, the boundaries of alleys begin to fade, and the city becomes mysterious and far-reaching.

灯光艺术装置Alley of Light4.jpg

When installing this artistic lighting installation, the music of Machinefabriek / Rutger Zuydervelt reverberated. At this time, vision and hearing are once again combined with technological art design, which gives the real meaning of lighting art.

Light art installation

Swing Time

灯光艺术装置Swing Time.jpg

The Lawn on D Plaza in Boston has an outdoor interactive section called Swing Time. The combination of the lawn and the square makes it an activity paradise full of laughter and laughter. The colorful activities and creativity are equally emphasized, creating a relaxed and casual atmosphere.

灯光艺术装置Swing Time2.jpg

The lighting art designer cleverly grasped the atmosphere of this square and designed 20 LED-illuminated circular swings as part of "Swing Time".

These luminous ring swings are suspended on a small steel structure, and LED lights are embedded in it, allowing the smooth lines to perfectly blend with the lawn.

灯光艺术装置Swing Time3.jpg

However, it is worth mentioning that the designer used a different kind of coding program to make these ring swings show a soft white light when they are completely still, lighting up the briskness of the lawn.

With the swing of the swing, the microcontroller changes the light from white to blue to purple, expressing movement with more vivid colors. Such a magical light effect change can also make people's heart beat faster.

灯光艺术装置Swing Time4.jpg

Lighting art becomes more meaningful under people's exploration and enjoyment. Outdoor LED interactive installations not only beautify the environment, but also blend into the breath of life, reflecting the long-term significance of technological creation.

Light art installation

Boat under the moon

灯光艺术装置 月下扁舟.jpg

In Shanghai Ruihong Tiandi Moon Bay, there is a light art installation that highlights the theme-the flat boat under the moon, which can be said to be extremely famous in the local area.

As the "Golden Triangle Life Circle", Ruihong, in addition to gathering prosperous economics and commerce and integrating diversified modern life, also needs to build a new platform of contemporary art and culture as a symbol of the city and the country.

灯光艺术装置 月下扁舟2.jpg

The sculpture of a flat boat under the moon created by designers Xia Murong and Li Zhi of Mur Mur Lab studio, looks like a flat boat under the moon river.

The visual beauty is connected with the transparent light below, using "tide" as inspiration, when people move through it, they can really feel the flow of water.

灯光艺术装置 月下扁舟3.jpg

The structure of the lighting device uses 3 extremely thin stainless steel columns, hidden in 300 transparent acrylic lamp posts. When night falls, these lampposts can open the winding path.

When people walk into this sensing device, its magic power can be revealed. The combination of dots of light source and soft music by the ear brings a dreamlike feeling.

灯光艺术装置 月下扁舟4.jpg

The light can transform into clean white and clear blue, symbolizing the brightness and dream of the moon, just like walking in this misty forest, looking for a quiet and comfortable space on a fast-paced soil, and still remember to look for beauty in flashy use.

As a unique branch of human art, lighting art gives new aesthetic meaning to sound and light under the combination of multiple senses, and carries human civilization and will. Light travels through time and space, conveying the energy of continuous progress.

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