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Many Landmarks Around the World Light Up for Victims of the Lebanese Explosion

Issuing time:2020-08-10 19:07

On August 4, a large explosion occurred atthe port of Beirut, the capital of Lebanon, causing 4,000 injuries and at least100 deaths. As people from all over the world are immersed in the grief of thesudden accident, lights once again demonstrate their role in conveyinguniversal values. After the accident, landmark buildings in many places aroundthe world turned on lights and prayed for Lebanon.

Multiple public buildings in Sao Paulo, Brazil

On the evening of August 5th local time, the government of the state of Sao Paulo in Brazil and the capital of Sao Paulo illuminated several public buildings with red and white lights (the colors of the Lebanese flag) to express their encouragement and support to the Lebanese people.


In this lighting event, in order to avoid confusion with the colors of the national flags of other countries, the lights in Sao Paulo only used red and white, and the green of the cedar in the Lebanese flag did not appear in the lighting.

The public buildings selected to light up the red and white lights include the São Paulo State Government Office Building, the São Paulo Municipal Government Building, the first viaduct in São Paulo, the Octavio Frias de Oliveira Bridge, and Mario de ·Andrade Library. In addition, the office building of the Federation of Sao Paulo State Industries (FIESP) on Paulista Avenue in downtown Sao Paulo was also lit up in red and white that night.

Tel Aviv Municipal Building, Israel

  On the evening of August 5th local time, the Tel Aviv Municipal Government in Israel used a projection to cast a Lebanese flag pattern on the outer wall of the municipal building to cheer for the Lebanese people who suffered a tragic explosion one day ago.


Local people found that the 13-story Tel Aviv Municipal Building facing Yitzhak Rabin Square was illuminated by red, white and green lights representing the Lebanese flag.


Although Israel and Lebanon are still in a state of hostility, Israel’s move by lighting up the light pattern of the Israeli flag has shown that in the face of a terrorist disaster, the two peoples are passing love and care.

Burj Khalifa, Dubai, UAE

On the evening of August 5th local time, the Burj Khalifa in Dubai, the second tallest building in the world, was illuminated with the colors of the Lebanese flag. Through this move, the Burj Khalifa management hopes to give more care and encouragement to the Lebanese people who suffered from the big explosion.


The Burj Khalifa’s official Twitter account shared a picture of the illuminated scene and wrote: “The Burj Khalifa is illuminated in solidarity with our brothers and sisters in Lebanon.”

The Great Pyramid of Giza, Egypt

On the evening of August 5th local time, the Great Pyramid of Giza in Egypt was illuminated with the colors of the Lebanese flag to show solidarity with Lebanon.


This landmark, known as the first of the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World, uses the display of light patterns to convey a strong international humanistic care.

Kuwait Tower

  On the evening of August 5, local time, the landmark Kuwait Tower in Kuwait’s capital, Kuwait City, lit up the Lebanese flag-style lights.


Through this move, while the country mourns the victims of the accident, it also hopes that the people who have suffered from the accident will get out of the difficulties as soon as possible and live a happy life.

  In the face of the ruthless disaster, the transmission of the belief that care is needed between people, the light plays a vital role at this moment of connection. With the development of digital technology and the continuous innovation of creative techniques, lighting will surely promote the emotional exchanges of all mankind, strengthen the solidarity and mutual assistance of people from all countries in the world, and bring more "golden" application value.

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